A Clinic Review with William Fox Pitt: Eventing Dressage vs Dressage

Eventing Dressage vs Dressage: A Clinic Review with William Fox Pitt

I’m not an eventer, but I secretly admire them. I’m terrified of cross country and cross rails seem high to me. To have the courage and bravery to gallop a horse across an open field and tackle obstacle after obstacle is something that I’ll need A LOT of mental coaching…

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Collect Your Thoughts (And Your Horse’s Too)

One of the things I struggle the most with is the ability to collect my thoughts while riding. At least quickly enough to make a difference in the situation. So I decided to challenge myself. Last weekend I got on a horse that makes me nervous. Voluntarily got on I…

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5 Tips for Surviving Winter Horse Shows

A winter horse show is great, sometimes.  It seems to me like any show falling between December and March is often thought of as a ‘schooling show’ if you reside in any climate wear riding outside during that time becomes…challenging. Personally, winter is boot camp time at my barn.  Even…

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