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When Is It Time to Stop Showing

After Bubba and I’s last schooling show, I cancelled the rest of our season. This was an immensely difficult decision for me because I’m inherently competitive. I love to win. I love to succeed and, to be frank, do better than other people. So why did I decide to stop showing…

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Directive Dressage: Test Riding Tips

I was reading my issue of Dressage Today and came upon an article about test riding with three world class judges.  Of the ones that they spoke about in the article the idea of ‘riding the directive ideas’ struck me as particularly meaningful since these are the exact things that the judges…

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5 Tips for Surviving Winter Horse Shows

A winter horse show is great, sometimes.  It seems to me like any show falling between December and March is often thought of as a ‘schooling show’ if you reside in any climate wear riding outside during that time becomes…challenging. Personally, winter is boot camp time at my barn.  Even…

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I’ve Become a Space Cadet- Show Nerves

I have developed a new and exciting technique for dealing with my show nerves, or any nerves.  What is this fantastic new talent? I forget everything. My mind goes, “Duho…” and Bubba says, “Here we go again.” I can be in the middle of a test I have done hundreds…

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