Frustration Fixes

Frustration Fix

We all deal with frustration in riding at some point in our careers. Personally, I have waged a constant battle against frustration for the last few years. Yesterday I was able to get to the barn for the first time in nearly two weeks. A combination of poor weather, work, and…

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Clinic Riding With An Inferiority Complex

The idea of riding in a clinic in front of professionals with a really professional PROFESSIONAL absolutely terrified me. Between the, usually, hugely expensive cost and the pressure of presenting yourself in an environment surrounded by other like minded riders my anxiety levels used to sky rocket. As a very…

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As I was rubbing Biofreeze on my aching shins and ankles this morning I was reminded once again of the value of being prepared. I signed up to run my first 5K race in March figuring that three months would give me plenty of time to ‘train’.  After I mailed…

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