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Schooling Show – The Best Shows Ever

No matter what your equestrian sport is, the value of a ‘schooling show’ should not be under estimated.  Whether you’re the beginner or your horse is, whether you are new to a discipline or your horse is, whether you have dreams of national greatness or your horse does, or whether…

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The Making of a Show Dad

It’s a day late, but the sentiment is always there.  I have the best dad ever. I’ve turned my father into a show dad.  I don’t know how.  It has happened and there’s no going back. Dad, as far as I know, has never been around horses.  Mom has, she…

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Can I Call Myself a Horseman?

After getting my first championship ribbon, my first horse related concussion, my first horse related broken bone, my first retraining project, my 5 billionth cleaned stall, my first student, or any other new horse related experience I find myself repeatedly wondering whether or not I can call myself a horseman…

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New Boots- OCD Much

I am a creature of habit and I am in my comfort zone when my habits are allowed to exist.  I’m also extremely fond of being in control of all things, especially my things.  I like my things to be in a very particular way all the time. I have…

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