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10,000 Hours of Riding

I had a mind bubble burst last week while enmeshed in a fit of frustration. I was failing spectacularly at leg yielding consistently because I couldn’t coordinate my aides. Plus, Bubba and I had just finished being spectacularly picked apart at our last show and I was being less than…

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Clinic Riding With An Inferiority Complex

The idea of riding in a clinic in front of professionals with a really professional PROFESSIONAL absolutely terrified me. Between the, usually, hugely expensive cost and the pressure of presenting yourself in an environment surrounded by other like minded riders my anxiety levels used to sky rocket. As a very…

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Schooling Show – The Best Shows Ever

No matter what your equestrian sport is, the value of a ‘schooling show’ should not be under estimated.  Whether you’re the beginner or your horse is, whether you are new to a discipline or your horse is, whether you have dreams of national greatness or your horse does, or whether…

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The Making of a Show Dad

It’s a day late, but the sentiment is always there.  I have the best dad ever. I’ve turned my father into a show dad.  I don’t know how.  It has happened and there’s no going back. Dad, as far as I know, has never been around horses.  Mom has, she…

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