When Opportunity Calls

Big surprise it was raining again today so nothing much got done and I took the opportunity to not be productive. I wound up on the New Vocations website through a link on their Facebook for a mare called Tuesday’s Pal who looked adorable and turned even more cute as I started to scroll through her…

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horse, birthday, deemer

Deemer’s Birthday

Today is the middle child’s ninth birthday! Even though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t got a clue that today is any different than yesterday I still gave him extra oats last night and tried to go easy on him so he could enjoy a little extra time off today. I…

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dressage, journey, horse, show, western, ranch

My Dressage Journey

I picked out my riding instructor from a desire to learn how to be able to survive on a working cattle ranch: roping, riding, steering, staying on top of the horse, and other essential skills to surviving while surrounded by very large, herd bound, prey animals.  And also because she was the cheapest one I…

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