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Goals: Meet Em and Beat Em

Weight Loss Essentials: Part 1 of 5 Goals are essential.  If you feel stuck, if you feel bored, if you feel ambitious, if you want to feel just a little bit different, you need to set a goal. And most important of all, KEEP IT! A goal is a dream with…

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Help! The Mare’s Got a Swollen Leg- Vet Call

A vet call can range anywhere from unnecessary to ‘you’ve got to get here now’ status and luckily this week’s was more of a, “Can you come sometime today?” I ride at a private barn with eight horses, three are boarded and the other five are the owners.  This means…

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21 Day Fix, I Did It! Mostly.

Yesterday was a great day, I got to see Bubba, visited my two favorite thoroughbreds, and took the boxer’s I’m pet sitting for a walk in the snow (they were less than thrilled) and it was the last day of my 21 Day Fix cycle! I’m proud to say that…

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As I was rubbing Biofreeze on my aching shins and ankles this morning I was reminded once again of the value of being prepared. I signed up to run my first 5K race in March figuring that three months would give me plenty of time to ‘train’.  After I mailed…

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