The Ride Fit Campaign aims to...

Bring health and wellness to equestrians with specific, riding related goals. All programs are flexible and easy to understand. Nutrition and fitness programs can be tailored to each individual.

Health coaching and support groups provide clients with the support, accountability, and knowledge they need to succeed in making lasting lifestyle changes to support their lifelong health and wellness goals.

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Biomechanics Lessons & Clinics

In a nutshell, biomechanics is understanding how the body moves.

Biomechanics lessons for the rider allow them to better utilize the body to communicate with their horses.

As a Certified Instructor through the International Society of Rider Biomechanics I provide safety focused lessons for balanced seat in position in a way that helps the rider understand four essential areas to focus on.

Special rates available for USPC and 4-H groups- please contact me for more information at