Riders of a Certain Size

For rider’s of a certain size, there is a great lack of variety in breeches that seems to occur in most brands once you reach a range of 32-34. Which, because we’re equestrians means that if we’re a size 30-32 we can be included in that market as well. Don’t breeches always run on the slim side?

What’s a “plus size” equestrian supposed to do? (I hate that term btw. I’ll explain later.)

While Smart Pak is a reliable source of not only colorful but high quality “plus size breeches” it’s really hard to find anything else that’s not white, tan, black, or brown in any other brand. Right now Smart Pak has very smartly got the market cornered. Their main color options and interesting accents easily put them ahead of any other brand in terms of overall choice.

Dover Saddlery, arguably the largest and most well-known tack store in the country, rarely features a breech that is available in a size larger than 34 in their print catalog. If you search on their website for breeches larger than a size 34, there are 16 options between a 36-42. These are deceptively hard to find since if you go to the ladies breeches menu, you can’t sort the options by size. What’s up with that? I’ve went to the Dover website with credit card in hand only to find nothing in my size. This usually lead me back to Smart Pak (hint hint Dover). This really isn’t Dover’s fault since they carry other brands merchandise but still… don’t you think it would be a good idea to increase your potential customer base by offering more options in more sizes?

So what else is out there?

I have recently found a company called Buckwild Breeches that offers, inventive, patterned breeches up to a size 40 with reasonable waistlines. Ladies, you know what I mean! Not everyone likes a low rise. I have to admit that I have a pair of their tan competition breeches and I love them!  I almost got a pair of their tan breeches with a fox head seat too since Bubba’s show name has Foxy in it and well… that’s usually enough justification for an equestrian to buy horse stuff.

Two other options are Fuller Fillies and Curvy Fillies which are British and Irish brands respectively. They offer a variety of breeches in sizes for ‘plus size’ riders. Both of these brands are great options for complete outfits. For ladies with some more ‘upper baggage’ shirts and coats can be hard to come by.

Kerrits an American based brand, which I am a proud ambassador for, also offers what I call multi-size options in breathable high-quality fabrics in up to a Size XL. I love their breeches as well since they are usually pull on tights and, best of all, no zippers. As I’ve tried to stuff myself into ‘normal sized’ breeches that were clearly too small for me, I’ve become extremely paranoid about zippers coming down and buttons popping open.

Do you have any other favorite sources of “plus sized” breeches?

Now, time for my little tirade.

Plus sized equestrians are rarely, in my opinion truly plus sized. We’re usually athletic and not the ultra slim, pre-teen equitation rider body type that has become such an unfortunate stereotype in the hunter world. Why can’t we just be equestrians? There’s enough divisiveness between disciplines so why do we need to split ourselves even further apart?

The fashion industry faces enormous amounts of scrutiny because of the way they portray body types. Lately, I am much more aware of inclusion efforts that are being publicly supported to show different versions of beauty. Why can’t the equestrian world do the same?