As I was rubbing Biofreeze on my aching shins and ankles this morning I was reminded once again of the value of being prepared.

I signed up to run my first 5K race in March figuring that three months would give me plenty of time to ‘train’.  After I mailed off the check and entry form I then proceeded to forget about it until last week Monday.

The race was Saturday morning and I had a hunter jumper show to cover on Sunday. This meant that my weekend lessons were going to have to be squeezed in between whenever I dragged myself across the finish line of the race and before I had to go to work that evening.  So, no rest for the stupid.

I had every intention of starting the couch to 5K training plan I had printed off so that I wouldn’t die of massive cardiac failure but, as things seem to go with my plans other things took priority, I made excuses, and it never got done.

To give myself a little bit of credit I did sign up for a beginner walk/run group because I do not run.  The furthest I have ever run is a half a mile and that was because my slightly terrifying shot put/discus coach in high school said I better do it.  All good intentions aside, the group doesn’t start until June so… I’m screwed.

I had a brief flickering of hope on Wednesday when the weather forecast said rain Thursday through Sunday and spring storms Saturday morning through Sunday evening.  If they cancelled the race I might get a refund!  If they postponed it I probably wouldn’t be able to fit it into my schedule! (I’m booked solid through October.)

Alas, the skies cleared off Saturday morning at exactly the start time of the race.  It seems that it would be my destiny to suffer the consequences of my poor planning and procrastination.

So, Saturday morning dawned and I dug out my fancy running shoes and pants and drove up to the park where the race was being held.  I had every expectation of finishing dead last and would in fact be happy if I made it to the finish line still able to walk.

Forty five minutes later I convinced myself that I should finish the race running and shambled across the last twenty five yards to the finish line where I wound up 42nd and only 1 second over my secret goal time.

Run to the car, drive to the barn, two dressage lessons, and I’m already feeling the effects.  My hips are stiffening up, my shins burn, my ankles are protesting the effects of gravity, and I’m pretty sure that my toes are still attached but they’re so numb I can’t actually feel them.

Despite all my whining I’m still planning to sign up for a double header, two 5K races in two days, the first week of August, and November might see a 5 Mile race but we’ll see how that training goes first.


The Run to the Rescue 5K that I signed up for benefits Friends of Noah, a local all breed rescue organization in Southern Wisconsin.

If you’d like to sign  up for next year’s 5K or participate in any of their other events please visit Friend’s of Noah’s website. or their Facebook page.