Saturday I spent 11 hours at work, 7:30 in the morning to 6:30 at night.  It was hot, it was humid, and I was absolutely wilted by the time I got done at the show we were covering and I did try to practice some good self care.

Even two months ago I would have used this as an excellent, in my mind at least, excuse to let my nutrition fly out the window and my fitness goals lurk in the shadows.  I probably would have had two cheeseburgers, a bag of chips, some fries, a couple of gigantic sodas, and maybe some candy bars and called it good for lunch and dinner.   Fruits and veggies would have remained untouched for the day and water would not have been made a priority.

On Saturday night when I got home I realized that this habitual habit of drive through eating didn’t happen.  I was a little shocked since I honestly had not planned for it to be a good food day, I hadn’t prepared ahead of time like I should have, and I hadn’t even consciously thought about what I was doing.  As 75% of my mental capacity went toward getting a good shot,  another 20% went toward playing my favorite game at open shows, match the judge’s picks, the remaining 5% was primarily focused on keeping my eyes open and not toppling over sideways.

Thinking back on my food choices for the day I realized they weren’t half bad.  I had one small soda, some sports drinks for the electrolytes, my Shakeology, and of all things water.  Food wise I was under on fruits and veggies but I didn’t blow through my carb goals like I have a bad habit of doing.

I’ve been feeling frustrated lately because I feel like I haven’t been holding myself to a very good standard nutritionally but I realized that even though I haven’t felt like I’ve been making progress, I really have.  We think all the time that we need to see BIG changes to make a difference in our lives but we don’t.

The accumulation of small changes always lead up to a bigger one.

Yes always.  Small changes, be they good or bad, will always come together to make a bigger change.  Sometimes we see these changes before others do and sometimes we need someone to point them out to us but either way they’re there.

My small changes came from making myself a priority.  My health and fitness goals are important to me for multiple reasons but primarily because they allow me to make myself a priority.

As a result of this simple goal I’ve struggled to improve in areas where I feel I was letting myself down.  For the past five years, well okay much longer than that, I have not treated myself very well, leaving valuable nutrients at the grocery store and taking home fat and salt and sugar in a to go bag.

I’ve told myself that I work out enough, it was okay that I was wasting money and my health on poor food because it was fast and I was JUST TOO BUSY to make myself a priority in my own life.  The other five thousand things I was doing every day were more important than making my life a priority.

What a load of hooey.

I have dreams and goals on both my career and personal paths that depend on me being alive in forty or fifty years and if I didn’t make changes that prioritized my well being, I wasn’t going to be.

Which leads me to Beachbody.

I approached my coach because I knew that I needed help, especially with my food choices.  I had no idea about what a portion size was and I wasn’t even sure how much of each food group I should be eating.

She recommended 21 Day Fix to me and I seized the opportunity to remodel myself, inside and out.

One of the most beneficial things about 21 Day Fix and the other Beachbody programs is that they allow you to create a life style that supports a balanced and sustainable fitness and nutrition regimen that can last forever.

I was surprised to find that we didn’t just talk about fitness and food in our challenge prioritiesgroup, we talked about ourselves.  We talked about our superficial, everyday goals and we talked about our deepest and darkest motivations.  We talked about making our choices more in line with these goals and we focused on making ourselves into the person we wanted to be.  No goal was too big or too small, we all supported each other and celebrated our positives and lent support when we strayed from our personal paths.

It was a bit like an AA group for the nutritionally and fitnessly challenged.  Some of the members had already been with the program for years and some of us were brand new but we all shared the same goal of being healthier and happier.

The physical health changes are coming slowly and sometimes I’ll get frustrated but, days like Saturday where the real changes sneak up on me, are the days that keep me motivated to continue on this new journey.