Fuller Fillies, ahem, This Ones For Us

I have rather large calves.  16.75 inches each at the moment.  I’ve struggled for years to find boots that are comfortable and stretch enough and don’t look atrocious in the dressage arena.  I finally broke down last year after breaking the zipper out of my brand new fancy smancy $300 dressage boots, ten minutes before I was supposed to ride in my first dressage clinic, and asked for recommendations in a plus sized riding community on Facebook.

A very kind and understanding lady listened to me rant about my gigantic calves and what a problem they were before she recommended Fuller Fillies and hooked me up with her friend who might have a pair.

I chatted with the friend, who didn’t have them anymore, and then I went to find their website. I thought their name was hilarious, and then I saw their logo.

Even better!

Anyway, I went to their website and used the sizing charts provided to figure out which boots I should be looking for.

Luckily I was smart enough to do this before hitting up tack sales since their sizing is British.

Okay, I need a size 7, standard or tall, wide.

The only pair that I could find that was cheaper than ordering directly from the website and having them shipped over the Atlantic to Wisconsin (they’re not badly priced even with international shipping) was a never worn, size 7, short, extra wide.

Not ideal but I took it because I was desperate.

Broken zipper you know.

Completely embarrassed you know.

They arrived about a week after I bought them through a Facebook tack exchange group, I tried them on, and they fit in the foot…but not real well any where else.  But…

For the first time in my riding career I could zip a pair of tall boots up without  ripping the skin off my fingers yanking at the zipper.

Or having my mom practically sit on my leg to compress it enough for the zipper to come up.

Or spending hours massaging softening and stretching potions into it to try to eek out another 1/16th of an inch.

I was in love with my …new to me… Fuller Fillies!

Immediately I felt better about life.  I lamented the fact that, because they were short and extra wide, they ended two inches below my knee and tended to be a little ‘flappy’ in the back.

They were so comfortable though!  The foot bed is fabulous.  I could walk around all day and not get blisters.

I’ve been using them for the last competition season, trying not to care that I had clearly bought a pair of boots that were not the correct size for me.

All the while I’ve been glancing through ads and classifieds looking for a magical pair of size 7, standard or tall, wide Fuller Fillies dress boots.

At this point I’ve even thought about having them shipped over but, I can’t justify the expense when my new to me pair is still in great shape and not showing any signs of wear.

If the time comes when I spot that beautiful pink Fuller Fillies boot box at a tack sale, for cheap, they’ll be coming home with them.

But for now I think I’ll write a letter to Santa and see what happens 😉

*BTW this was not a sponsored post, I just love them <3 <3