Exciting Team Sea Star News!

We’ve got big news!

I’ve wanted to focus on better serving you guys this year so I’ve made, what I think, are some pretty big changes in the way we’re going to be doing things around here from now on.


We will be closing our Etsy page slowly with a final ending date of April 2016.

I will also no longer be offering custom made show apparel.  From now until April I will continue to fulfill already placed or discussed orders but will no longer be accepting new clients.

Don’t worry you’ll still be able to get our accessories for your horse!

Our ‘Fuzzy Fillies‘ products will be slowly delisted from Etsy and then starting in May  we’ll relaunch our fleece and flannel products on the Facebook page with better pictures, descriptions, and more customization options.

Our health and fitness listings will become live on the Facebook Store page immediately and new items will be added as they become available.

I am making this move because it will be easier for you to communicate directly with me instead of waiting for external messages to come through a third party site. Additionally, I’ll be able to share products with you more directly through a ‘New Product’ Subscription option so you will know right away when new products become available.


Beginning in March we’re excited to announce a new line of screen printed apparel and accessories products that will be available through our new Spreadshirt store.

This will give you all an opportunity to express your unique style with specialized fitness and equestrian related items that are professionally produced and shipped straight to your door.

As we lead up to the launch of these new items keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds for more information!


I have made the decision to restructure the way our fitness challenges are run.

Instead of the confusing, 5, 7, 10, and 30 day challenges each month, we’ll be having 1 challenge group that starts on the first Monday of each month. (For exact dates please visit our Events page.)

As always, the first week of the challenge will still be free so you can see if our support systems and strategies are right for you.

I feel that this will provide you all with more of an opportunity to succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals.  Having one larger group of support will give you all more of an opportunity to meet new people, find more support, and get more ideas that you can incorporate into your own busy lifestyle.


I am very excited about these restructuring efforts and the enhanced experience they will offer to all of you!

You’ve been incredibly amazing clients, customers, and friends for the last 5 years and I’m super excited to be able to make your life a little bit easier with these changes!

Please visit our Shop page for additional information and links.

~CC at Team Sea Star Equestrian