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Working Equitation: Give Your Dressage a Purpose

Have you heard of Working Equitation? Google working equitation. Your screen will fill up with beautiful Iberian breeds probably going over different kinds of obstacles. Youtube it. You’ll  likely find videos from Pedro Torres or the beautiful palomino Trigo ridden by Vasco Mira Godinho. As seen in the header picture…

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Self-care a personal perspective from someone who suffers from depression and emotional overeating. From Sea Star Equestrian and Cecelia Conway

Self-Care Guidelines- A Personal Take

“Self-care” has been a big buzz word in the health and wellness community lately and it’s gotten a bad reputation. For those of us who do need self-care, it can often be stigmatizing to admit it to others.   People call ‘pampering’ self-care as a way of justifying their actions.…

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A Thankful Thanksgiving

I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Today I’ve been thinking about all the blessings that have come into my life this year. As a recipient of the Deanne McRae Memorial Scholarship. This allowed me to pursue a long-held dream of becoming a certified biomechanics coach. Five…

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6 Core Training Exercises for Equestrians

Originally published for Savvy Horsewoman   A majority of professional equestrians will tell you that the most essential element of any rider’s fitness is their core strength.  Having a strong and stable core supports good posture, balance/stability in the saddle, a fluid and following seat, and overall body alignment. It may seem simple…

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