3 Day Refresh – My Results

There are two Beachbody programs that have always been intimidating to me: 3 Day Refresh and Ultimate Reset.

I know that the root of my trepidation when it comes to approaching these programs is my lack of understanding of them.

I look at a program with a strict diet and ‘intense’ guidelines and I get a little freaked out and shut down.

In December I got sick of my own excuses and decided that after I finished my cycle of PiYo I was going to take a week off and do a 3 Day Refresh before starting Cize.

Well this week was the week and I had some amazing results!

Let’s start with the big stuff.

I lost 7 pounds in 3 days and it wasn’t water weight.

I know it wasn’t water weight because I’ve been chugging down 90+ ounces a day.

I can’t tell you how many inches I lost because I forgot to do the before measurements. #fail


So what was this all about?

For me there were a few things that I was hoping to accomplish…

  • jump start weight loss
  • focus on whole foods
  • raise awareness of bad food habits
  • pay attention to my body


I obviously had great success on my first goal but how did I do on the rest?

Well, I did pretty darn good.  I successfully avoided processed grains for three days and that’s something that hasn’t happened since I started chewing food.

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My Refresh prep shopping cart

Meal planning was a huge win because there’s so many seemingly minute daily tasks.  At least for me it felt that way.

One of my side goals was to also try to eat organically and I didn’t do too bad at that.  I had some leftover carrots that I used so those weren’t technically organic but I think they were close 😉 I also couldn’t find a specifically organic lemon juice brand or spice brand at my local grocery store so those were also mysterious in origin.

As far as bad habits go my worst is certainly boredom eating. I did great on Tuesday (my Day 1) because I got myself in a focused mindset and I had a 3rd Grade class to sub for all afternoon so I was out of the house and away from food.  Wednesday was bad though since I was at home all day with no plans.  Unsurprisingly this naturally led to boredom which lead to me wandering out into the kitchen and staring at a bag of movie popcorn my mom had brought home.

moroccan, carrot, salad, recipe, team, sea, star, equestrian, 3 day refresh, beachbody, organic, vegetarian, vegan, cecelia, conway

My favorite new recipie from the 3 Day Refresh list- Moroccan Carrot Salad

Of course I wound up eating it.

Thursday was some where in between Tuesday and Wednesday in terms of success.  I did much better at sticking with my prepared foods but it was also my long day so I’m gone for work from 7 in the morning until I come home and take care of my brother at 4:30.  Since I was busy I had a tough time remembering to finish my drinks on time and get my snacks in.  I pushed my Fiber Sweep back until 12pm (instead of 9:30 am like I had planned) so I started getting naughty thoughts about swinging through a drive through…just for a hamburger.

I did successfully resist that craving but it was mentally challenging.

By far the single most interesting thing that happened was…

My sinus congestion went away!

I’ve had a lurking congestion issue since I got some kind of a flu last month and on the second day of my 3 Day Refresh… it was gone!

I also felt more energetic, clear headed, and I slept better at night.

Amazing what eating real food can do for you right?

This whole thing as mentally very challenging for me since its basically drop kicking my terrible relationship with salt, fat, and sugar in the butt.

I couldn’t use my usual excuses because for once I had organized and planned ahead of time, made contingencies, and gave myself a stern talking to with the theme “You can do anything for 3 days!”.


Looking back on it today, I can’t wait to do it again.  Since they’re an extra expense I don’t want to do one every month so I’m thinking that once a quarter will be good.

As far as the Ultimate Reset goes…that’s still scary for me!

But if this drive through addict (I’m reforming!) can do it so can you 😀


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