21 Day Fix, I Did It! Mostly.

Yesterday was a great day, I got to see Bubba, visited my two favorite thoroughbreds, and took the boxer’s I’m pet sitting for a walk in the snow (they were less than thrilled) and it was the last day of my 21 Day Fix cycle!

I’m proud to say that I lost a whopping 8 pounds in just 3 weeks!  This is great for me because anytime I see progress I get re-motivated to keep working toward my goals.

appy (2)

Overall I’m pretty happy about the progress I made during November.

I’m REALLY proud to say that this is day 54 of no soda!  This was a huge point of concern for me because in September, lets just say I was hydrating with Dr Pepper.   I was becoming increasingly concerned about some adverse health effects I was seeing that were likely resulting form WAY too much refined sugar and caffeine.  Plus it was starting to feel like a compulsion and if I’m going to be addicted to a food, I want it to be a healthy one.

I’m also proud of curbing my peanut butter habit. While peanut butter is not the worst thing in the world for you to be eating, I was eating it a bit too much.  When you can go through a large jar by yourself in a week….you might be eating too much.  Realizing that a large part of my consumption was during breakfast and right before bed I took two key actions to move toward healthier meals: I replaced my usual extra peanut buttery toast with higher fiber and healthier Kashi cereals and I replaced my usual before bed snacking with an extra ‘half Shakeology’.


The thing that concerns me and that I want to focus on improving next is my weekly ups and downs in motivation. I usually start and end the week well, but I’ve got some foibles in the middle that stem from bad eating and planning habits.

And lets not focus too much on the weekends.

Hoping to see even better and continued results I decided to switch things up for the next couple of months so I got a copy of PiYo and am starting it right away today.

My PiYo Goals:

Meal plan either Lunch or Dinner every day.

Stick to the workout schedule.

Maintain my food journal.


Wish me luck!